Easiest link building method-for increasing rankings

The ‘Fuzzy Feeling’ Link Building Method That Skyrockets Your Rankings

Nothing is better than acquiring a coveted, high authority link – unless you can also get a fuzzy feeling about it, afterwards.

That’s, right. You can do some wizardry SEO and also feel great about it. This is a strategy that very few SEO professionals use, because, well, nobody really talks about it and it does require some investment (although usually less than $50).

I am talking about donating to a charity. Perhaps one of the easiest link building methods, this is a tactic that usually gets a very quality backlink. Why? Well, think about the links that would be associated with a charity. Government-backed and college-backed many times. In the SEO world, these are your .gov and .edu links – the ‘holy grail’ of links. And you would be surprised how many broke charities still have PR6 websites with impressive backlinks, and they are more than happy to link back to you with a charitable donation – the idea being for exposure, and not for SEO purposes.

So how does one go about this link building strategy? First of all, you do not want to get carried away. It would be wise to drip these links into your backlink portfolio every month or so. If you prospected to 500 charities and ended up getting 20 new charity site backlinks in a week, it could raise some suspicion.

I am not sure if Google monitors this, but let’s be honest, we know that anything that looks unnatural has potential of getting your site penalized – so why leave it up to chance? Too much directories, too much article submissions, too many guest posts and too many social lenses can trigger a penalty, so it is a possibility that too many links of a certain modality can cause a trigger.


Opportunities to Increase Rankings

To get started, it is good to know the right Google queries that can find these opportunities.

Start by searching terms like, “donate to us”, “contributors page”, “sponsors page”, allintitle: “sponsors” and: allintitle: “contributors”. These queries are proven to work to find charitable donation pages. Many of these queries will take you past donation pages, and could even land to different clubs, membership groups and associations. These links are usually great as well, and are usually worth the investment, especially if the total cost is under $25.

Even better, find a club or membership group in your niche. This will amplify the link juice passed because of the relevance of the link, and just a few of these types of links can put a huge push in your organic traffic.

Finally, throw a badge or a display on your website showing the members, groups, or charity organizations that you have sponsored or donated. This only builds credibility and showmanship for your website, and it is always good to give some exposure to a charity or two – the ultimate win-win scenario.